Application Process

Our guidelines for applicants can be found below. If you have any additional questions regarding application don't hesitate to contact us


    • Adult male (18+) with a history of substance addiction
    • Applicants clean and sober for a minimum of 30 days at time of application
    • Applicants may have completed a residential treatment program within the last 3 years
    • Applicants are encouraged to be actively engaged in a 12-step fellowship (AA, NA, CA, OPA, etc.)

Application Process:

      • Preferably a referral from an Addiction Counselor, Social Worker, or other Professional body working with the applicant
      • Self-referrals will be considered.
      • Submit an application form.  Applications can be obtained by email (support@jellinek.ca), in-person and/or mail.


      • Applicants may be interviewed in person to determine the applicant’s needs, goals, and treatment plan prior to being accepted for residency

Wait List:

        • Upon submission of application form the applicant will be entered onto our wait list
        • To remain on the wait-list, applicants must contact Jellinek staff by calling every Monday & Friday and or in-person