Seeking Board Member

Each path takes twists and turns, has highs and lows, peaks and valleys. There are opportunities — but there are also challenges. Times when we’re faced with decisions that carry consequences greater than we can see in the moment. For many, the first time they use is one such moment. Momentary escape, filling an emptiness, struggling with mental health issues — all can lead to a lifetime of use. And overuse. Addiction. Destruction of self-worth, family bonds and, occasionally, life itself.

But these decisions, these addictions, don’t have to define us forever. There is strength in people to overcome. To arrest addiction. To get sober and work hard to stay that way. To gain independence from abuse and take control of their lives once again.

It is for these people we exist. To help those who have taken the hard first steps to get sober and abstain. To provide a supportive, non-judgemental place to call home during the challenging journey to recovery — giving safe shelter, warm meals and mental-health support to get sober people back on their feet and contributing to their community.
At Jellinek Society, it’s about nurturing healthy mind, body, spirit and community. It’s about abstinence. And it’s a critical journey we take each and every day.

We are seeking individuals who are interested in becoming a member of our board, helping others in recovery and have the following skills, capabilities and attributes:

• Construction

• Fundraising experience

• Legal knowledge

• Health care

• Finances

• Enthusiasm and interest in recovery community

• Some knowledge about or experience in recovery from addictions & alcoholism

Time Commitment

Board Members attend monthly Board meetings, held every month on third Tuesday of every month from 6:30 — 8:00 PM except for the months of June to August. Our AGM is held in June.

Please include the following in your application: Cover letter (one page) outlining your interest in serving on the Jellinek Society Board:

• Resume or Bio
• Contact information for two professional references.

Please submit your application package to director@jellinek.ca